Monday, October 13, 2008

My new dog....

I was hoping to spend some of this weekend working on this blog and uploading your videos.....but we got a new DOG! He is a three year old Cocker Spaniel, with one blue eye and one brown eye. Looks a little crazy! We got him at an animal rescue center. He was left there by a Brazilian family in Boston that was moving back to Brazil. So the dog only understands Portugese....and I don't know a word of Portugese....and you all know how good (NOT) I am at learning new languages! He has very curly fluffy blonde hair and looks like a girl, so I keep referring to him as her. We thought he needed a very macho name, so we named him Duke, the nickname of the very macho American actor John Wayne. Katie is verrrry happy with her new "sibling". Do any of you have dogs?

1 comment:

Eve said...

I wish I had one~~So I guess
Katie is gonna learn Spanish for Duke now?