Wednesday, November 5, 2008


This is a very exciting day for me and for many Americans. For the first time in my life I have voted for a candidate for President who I am excited about, who I think represents my world view, and who inspires us to be our better selves. The fact that he is mixed race, has roots in Africa and has lived in Indonesia, hopefully means he will be a better world citizen and help mend the fences that the Bush Administration has so carelessly destroyed.

What do you all think of the American election?

It is amazing to me, who grew up during the violent riots of the sixties civil rights movement, and who watched in horror as my city, Boston, bitterly fought integration of the Boston Schools, to now see a Black man elected to the highest office in the land. So much change in such a relatively short amount of time. Just imagine what could happen in China if enough good people worked for change.

What do you think?


sarah said...

many many Chinese people focus their eyes on American election and they also feel excited that Obama wil be the leader of the coutry which matters much in China's relationships with the world, it's a pity you're not so clear about Chinese, otherwise you can find a magnitude of comments and articles in SNS networks and BBSes like "Tianya". new books telling stories of Obama, his miracle,and his influence on China and the world are published and getting hot in China publication market. see how active Chinese people are in getting understanding of the world. I'm not so farmiliar with this election and the leading role-Obama, but I know at least it means a big change not only in American people's attitude toward the minorities, but also in their orientation. the present situation is not so bright all over the world, we are experiencing a big crisis, if lucky enough, a slowdown, I want to know your opinion about this financial crisis, does it affect your life greatly? so far I've felt the pickup in price, the obstacle in workforce market, some graduates find it not so easy to get a decent job, the number of applicants for offical positions climbs to the peak. what is happening in your country? looking forward to your sharing, hope we can get through this hardtime!

Anne Donohue said...

Yes, the financial and economic crisis is troubling. But I am hopeful we have learned from the past and can find ways to make this downturn as short and painless as possible. I think Obama's plan to create a stimulus package, to put money into public works projects, will help to ease the pain. But it will be a long year, at least, before things start to look up. And we may never see the go-go-go economic growth of the last decade again for a long time....