Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Wen Minzhe, Mindy, is from Shizuishan, the second largest city in Ningxia Province. Ningxia is one of the smallest and poorest provinces in China, about ten hours by train west of Beijing. Mindy's English was very good and she was one of the few students who always understood and laughed at my bad jokes. Mindy hopes to study abroad in the future. Mindy is interested in animation and new media. Maybe she can share some of her new media projects with us on this blog.


敏哲 said...

Actually I just come back from my hometown yesterday.This year is the 50th anniversary of my province. My family went out to the Sand Lake.It was really fun.

Anne Donohue said...

Do you have any photos of Sand Lake? Before your Province was Ningxia, what was the area called?

敏哲 said...

I have some beatuiful pixes of sand lake.Can I post it on this site?

My home town had a lot of names. But I think the most famous one is Xixia, which was a nation of Dangxiang People. Unfortunately, Dangxiang people has disappeared. I think they have mixed with other peoples.

HAHA Maybe part of me is Dangxiang oringinal!